Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Never diminish your competition

Today I received a link from an inspirational coach I follow, about a new opportunity. Ten minutes into the video, I was not happy with the opportunity or the coach. I guess this blog post has two pieces of advice for any person that owns a company and/or does marketing for a company.

Advice #1 - Pay close attention to your affiliate links and third party advertisements. You want to make sure that whatever you are promoting is in line with what you are doing. In the example I mention, this coach is inspirational and positive. The movie advertisement she sent me talks ill of affirmations, positive thinking and other such practices she provides.

Advice #2 - Do not talk trash about other companies,especially competitors. We are living in an era of alliances, affiliate marketing and cross promotions. Why would you try to make yourself look better by diminishing others? What if an opportunity presents itself for you to work with this person or company in the future? What if you end up networking with the same industry you are now criticizing negatively? There are many ways of promoting yourself without minimizing or insulting others. How about having a competitive advantage that is so big, nobody can compete with you in that category? How about offering service above and beyond anyone else? Simply stating what makes you great infers that others are not. You don't have to say it.

I hope in the future, everyone will look closely before sending links to their lists members. It will make them look more professional and might avoid your clients wasting their time because they trust your opinion.

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