Monday, July 5, 2010

Managing a Price List

One of my duties as the President's Administrative Assistant was the price list. We received the original from corporate in the US. This list only included list of prices for finished products in all window covering categories. Those clients that were designers of producers would have to calculate their prices following different percentages depending on product. We decided to take the opportunity of changing prices to create a price list that was easier to figure out and included lots of extra information.

My responsibilities included creating sections on everything from taking correct measurements, information on the different materials used, how to place an order, how to price an order and warranties. I also had to do new calculations for the spreadsheets to automatically generate the correct price on each spreadsheet. In other words, you change the price on cell A1 and all other cells on the tables (which were usually 10 x 15 cells) would adjust to the new pricing. The goal was to create a list that anyone in the company can edit in case I was working on another project, on vacation or unavailable for any reason.

The end product was a great training and pricing resource for both future sales personnel, decorators and manufacturers alike.

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