Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Working for the Curtain Factory

For several years I worked for Verticolor, Inc in Puerto Rico. I was in sales, I managed for a while and I loved my job as an assistant to the VPs. The thing is this: I did not know a thing about window coverings until I got there.

I remember the first day of training they took us through the factory and I took all kinds of notes on how they built vertical blinds, wood blinds, roller shades, etc. I was fascinated by a topic that a week before was not even on my radar.

What is the lesson here? Do not say no to a job just because it is in an industry you don't know much about. I spent four very wonderful years there. I sold curtains and components, I talked to designers and famous people, I shipped, I charged, I wrote manuals and I trained. I learned a lot. Had I gotten scared by the fact I knew nothing about window coverings, I would not have been able to experience the other things.

Take the chance. You never know what you will find. Thanks for reading.

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