Friday, July 23, 2010

If You Still Use Resumes

Even though some consider resumes belong in the last millenium, many people still use them. My advice to you, read and edit your resume often.

I worked in a Human Resources Departments on two separate occasions and as part of my duties, I had to screen resumes. I am not impressed with any person that sends a resume that is hard to read or full of mistakes. For some of you, that means spell checking. It is my opinion that if you did not take the time to use the spell checker in your computer or look up a word in the dictionary, then you will not be a good employee. Why? Because it seems to me that those are two simple tasks that take very little time and make a big impression. If you are sloppy with your resume, what else are you sloppy with.

Another thing is when you forget to update your resume. If you pass the first screening and when you get to the interview we find out you are now working somewhere else, we are going to wonder why you did not say so on your resume. I don't mean if you just changed jobs. I mean if your last job change was a year ago. Not a good picture.

In this economy, there were a lot of layoffs. I believe that companies are ready for that. You should always be honest in your resume. If you are unemployed, say so. You don't have to state it broadly, just write the year you started and ENDED your last job. Think about it this way. If a company has concerns about this, knowing the current state of the economy and barring that your resume is spotty on the job area, do you really want to work for that company?

Make sure you put your best foot forward. Write well, spell check and be honest.

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